(Spoiler Free Zone)
I took Caitlin to see The Incredibles this afternoon. I wasn’t entirely sure it was a good idea, as I knew it wasn’t quite a kids movie (and is rated PG), despite being by Pixar, but I figured it was probably safe enough.

Well, once she started grabbing my arm and kinda whimpering or yelping and ducking every time something happened, I really started to think I’d made a bad choice. But then during one particularly fast, tense and frantic part when she was gripping my arm like a vice, and making constant yelping noises, I looked at her, and her eyes were glued to the screen, and she had the biggest grin on her face, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea afterall.

In fact, on asking her about it afterwards she said that “it was really great” and then went on to say “…but they got the idea from me – I made up all those powers years ago.” – and she spent the rest of the evening dashing around everywhere, and trying to stretch herself across and around everything.
Though she did eventually admit that she couldn’t turn invisible, or create a forcefield…

Anyway, definitely an excelent movie well worth seeing – probably the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen, and also includes some of the best family fights round the table scenes, heh.

Go and see it.

Why are you still reading? – you should be buying tickets right now!


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