…but from cleaning this time!

Inspection tomorrow, so tonight I was mopping floors, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and toilet (fun) and sweeping leaves….
Now my back hurts…

It also managed to rain pretty much every single weekend from the moment I got notice of the inspection, so I haven’t been able to mow the lawn, but it hasn’t really grown all that much since last time anyway.
I still find it odd that I used to have to mow the lawn weekly in NZ (and sometimes it could probably have done with twice a week), but I can get away without touching it for more than six months here (though in Spring through to early summer it could probably do with at least monthly).

In other happenings, things are settling down a bit at work again now, which is a relief.
I managed to nearly get myself in trouble on Monday though, due to a rather poor judgement call. Someone sent me an email that annoyed me, so I wrote a rather inflamatry reply. I actually do that fairly often when people bug me – but usually once I’ve written it, my common sense and general unwillingness to offend causes me to either delete it unsent, or edit it back in to the realms of politeness. That didn’t happen this time, and there were quite a few people CCd on it.
In response, I received a rather pointed email from the victim’s manager requesting that I never send an email like that to one of his staff again.
Lesson learnt.


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