Well, I just spent the last 24 hours running the Conflux 4 virtual mini-con. It was exhausting – I had intended to be up for the whole 24 hours, but unfortunately I faded at around 7 and had to go get a couple of hours sleep – but it was definitely very worthwhile and rewarding. It was successful beyond all my expectations.
I had been deeply worried that we’d have hours of one or two people sitting around virtually staring at each other, but the pace kept flowing pretty much all night – we averaged around 1.3 posts per minute for 24 hours, and had more than 1900 posts from 80 members and guests.

There were a couple of unfortunate hiccups along the way, with confusions over times and the occasional technical difficulty for a couple of the guests, but that sort of thing always happens and even those who had problems still managed to take part even if a little delayed.

But anyway, now is the time for me to go have a much needed shower and then think seriously about even greater needed sleep. (That sentence is wrong, but my brain is too fuzzy to figure out how to make it right)


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