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Ok, so I skipped one again. At some point I’ll probably clean up the skipped ones and post them.

Anyway, this one was about ten hours work – way, way, way too long. Mostly because I spent about three or four hours fiddling around with orchestration for the first four bars, only to decide that just piano was fine.
That meant that it was after 2am before I decided that I should just end it by repeating and fading, and rushed through the mixing stages. As a result of that and the fact that I was working in an unfamiliar scale the guitar solo at the end has more wrong notes than I’d usually let through.
I’m still suffering from the inability to develop a theme properly – just repeating it with different instruments doesn’t count. The problem is a combination of lack of inspiration, lack of music theory and it taking too much effort to get ideas down and play with them. However, having said that, this one is still an improvement over some of my other attempts.

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