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It’s Tuesday! (or it was, four hours ago) and I actually have a piece ready!
This was another 11 hour marathon, though I actually had all the ideas in place in the first hour. I’m not really sure what happened to the hours between 8 and 12…

Anyway – this one’s a song, for the first time in a while, and it’s another step into an unfamiliar genre – though I’m not exactly sure which one. But probably one that involves eyeliner, bad hair, and never, ever smiling.
I’m pretty happy with it, all in all – I got a chance to use the clarinet, I managed to write some lyrics (though I have no idea what they mean), and I played real chords on the guitar.
There’s all the usual roughness that results from one of these sessions – the bass gets bodgy near the end, there’s a few places where the levels fight me, and I will always, always hate my voice, but none of that matters because of two things:

1. Baby Ducks.
2. Explosions.

Yes. Baby ducks, and explosions.

I will now leave you with that thought, and collapse in bed.

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