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This week’s piece is a fairly lively rock piece with orchestral backing.
I tried something different when recording this one – I had a vague idea of what I wanted in my head, but rather than try to play it, I recorded myself singing it, and then used that track as a base around which to form the idea. More or less like a musical equivalent to a sketch. It seemed to work rather well, and saved me the usual pain of spending so long trying to play exactly what’s in my head that I forget what I’m doing. So I think I’ll use that approach again in the future.
Other than that there’s nothing particularly special about this piece – the usual couple of improvised solos. The second solo caused me pain though. Literally. I spent more than an hour trying to find something that worked, and that wasn’t too rambly, or too much like every other solo I ever do. I think in the end I came up with something I’m happy with (excluding a minor mistake here and there) – but my fingers will probably never forgive me.

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