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Tonight’s piece is a collaboration between Caitlin and me.
Whilst the performance you hear is entirely me, I’m playing the bassline and chords that Caitlin wrote, and we only didn’t include her bass performance because I accidentally deleted her first (not quite right, but probably passable) take, and subsequent ones tended to get worse, not better.
This simple piece came about via Caitlin deciding she wanted to play with the bass. I showed her the general idea of how to play (fingered, not picked), and some basic notes (E, G, A, C, D), and she came up with a simple bass line and chord pattern by fiddling with those notes. Then we added the other parts, with the artistic direction being all Caitlin – I’d just show her what was possible, or what ideas I had for a particular part, but she decided what to actually use.

It’s shortish, and simple (an 8 bar pattern repeated 4 times – fading out the last time so you don’t hear the abrupt stop), but it’s not bad for 3 hours work, written and directed by a 10 year old.

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  1. Tasanee says:

    Nice work Caitlin, thats AWESOME!!
    Oh… you too Stu! lol :-)

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