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I just realised that I forgot to post this one – which is a pity, because it’s definitely one of my better attempts.
I’m particularly happy with the guitar – it’s probably the first piece I’ve done where I actually feel like a guitarist.
It was very much written around the guitar theme, though the rest of the instruments are what ended up setting the tone.
I’m very happy with the Sax solo too – it’s not too derivative, and fits the mood of the piece perfectly. It’s very good to be able to include sax in my music again.
The lyrics as usual don’t have a whole lot of meaning in them – I just try words that seem to fit, and then find a way to link them up.

I need to practice singing more, and stop relying on V-Vocal. I should probably make a resolution to never use it again – at least for whole track pitch correction. Fixing a timing issue here and there isn’t so bad.

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